Dari Tanah Kembali Ke Tanah

Supranatural Farming

An advanced project of the Sertipikat Kebudayaan Tanah that took place in May 2017, where citizens have obtained a Cultural Property issued by the Badan Kajian Pertanahan (Land Affairs Study Agency). From here we began to think about what we can do when we have the “Sertipikat Kebudayaan Tanah”. Of course these certificates can not be used as collateral to lend to banks, but maybe at least we can have more bargaining power over our territory, more confidence when negotiating. Until we test it by deciding to meet with investors who since the last 2 years has invested heavily in Jatiwangi by building various factories, when Jatiwangi art Factory was invited to the Asian Art Biennial 2017 in Taiwan, we proposed to meet with Taiwanese investors as one of the investors who invested heavily in Majalengka. We started to design an investment package to offer to investors in our meeting business facilitated by the Asian Art Biennial organizers and Curators. The investment package we offer is an agribusiness with an agricultural system that emphasizes the collective and compassionate process of farming as a glue to each other’s relationships and cultivate the land with cultural activities. We called this agribussiness as “Supranatural Farming”.


This business meetings held at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and also broadcast live streaming, so that our neighbors in Wates can watch his delegation negotiate with investors.

There are some investors who are interested in opening cooperation opportunities, although there are some confused to see this as an art project or a real business cooperation. Then, we decided to create a prototype of this project where the Land Affairs Study Agency as the first business partner.


Ritual Supranatural Farming


Before sowing, we soaked the seeds with warm water and read yasin on Friday night Kliwon.


The ritual of first day working. We put a banana trunk in the middle of the rice field that has been given compost. Then above this banana rod is placed a pitcher of magic water surrounded by 7 flowers. We went around this banana trunk and preach ‘sholawat’ and watered the soil with magic water, followed by trampling the soil that has been composted to merge.IFrame


Rice planting ritual were did by the fathers, while accompanied by the reading of the Prophet’s sholawat by the Mother. The gentlemen who will tandur must have a ‘wudhu’.


The ritual of preventing pests, by making certain sounds of special instruments and ‘bebegigs’ (paddy puppets). This ritual is characterized by a ‘Wayang Palawija’ performance.


A harvest ritual that begins with a great ‘dhikr ‘using tasbeh taneuh (clay rosario). Then followed by the ceremony of taking the mother of paddy to be held around the village while accompanied by music Genjring Sholawat.

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